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Inaugural Fannin County Wild Hog Roundup

Here's where you'll find all the information you need for the roundup.

Description of the Roundup:

This is the first year that this event is being held.    It is a county-wide event in that the properties to be hunted are spread around the county. 

This is not a guided hunt nor a guaranteed kill.  Hunting can take place anytime during the event.  You are free to hunt on your assigned property with proper notification to all others that may be assigned to the same land.  You will be responsible for all your provisions, equipment, lodging and licensing.  Dinner will be provided Saturday evening and at the awards lunch on Sunday afternoon.   There will be a cash awards to the individual or team for the biggest hog and one for the most caught/killed.  There will be no meals provided or prize money.


Friday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15th.  Event registration is from 4:00 to 5:00 PM at Smith-Moore-Williams Co., located at 223 N. Main, Bonham, Tx 75418.  If you need to purchase a license at that time, you may do so at Smith-Moore-Williams.  Or if you're coming out of DFW, you can obtain your license from Cabelas.

Costs: $100 per person  or for groups of 4 or more, the cost is $75/person.


Send an email to with the names of all parties that will be participating, and your contact information.  There is a limited number of openings, so preregistration will secure a spot in the roundup.  Walkups may or may not be accepted.


Payment for the Roundup will be made at the time of check-in.  Payments can be by check or cash.  Sorry, no debit or credit cards can be processed. 

Event is subject to available properties, weather and participation.  If the event is cancelled for any reason, check here for announcements and emails will be sent out regarding event notices.

Where to stay:

  • Primitive camping (no power or water) will be available next to Bonham State Park.  You will have to bring all your camping equipment necessary for the weekend.  This site is free to all attendees.

  • Improved camping facilities are available at Bonham State Park.  For more information on the park, click here.  To book reservations at the park, click here.

  • Telephone Travel Stop, Comfortable cabin rooms or RV hookups in Telephone, Texas  903/664-2810.  Ask for the "Roundup" rate.

  • Hunting Lodge Cabins 302 Depot St.  Ladonia, Texas.  972/979-7482.  Ask for the "Roundup" rate.

  • If you are local or within driving distance, feel free to stay at home. 

Roundup Rules:

It pains me that anyone would have to set out rules for what should seem obvious to everyone with common sense, decency, a respect for others and enjoying the hunt safely.  However, for everyone's safety, respecting county land owners property rights and your protection and enjoyment, here goes:

  1. Even though this is a hunt for wild hogs, you must be licensed.  Here's the quote and link to the TPWS site: "Feral hogs are unprotected, exotic, non-game animals. Therefore, they may be taken by any means or methods at any time of year. There are no seasons or bag limits, however a hunting license and landowner permission are required to hunt them."        -   For more information on hunter licensing and hunter education, go to

  2. All hunters will keep their hunting licenses on their person during the hunt.

  3. Minors must be accompanied by a properly licensed adult, no exceptions.  If you are required to have a hunter's safety certification but don't yet have one, then you may obtain a deferral per state law.

  4. All state hunting laws, rules and guidelines will be followed.  The game warden for the area is aware of this event and will be monitoring activities.

  5. All hunters will be required to sign an agreement for the hunt outlining these rules and a liability release for the hunt that will encompass all properties, property owners, sponsors and organizers involved in the hunt.  No release, no hunt.  

  6. Hunting is restricted to only the properties that are enrolled in the hunt.  This restriction applies to any public lands.  They are excluded from the Roundup.  You cannot cross property lines or trespass in any way.  You cannot shoot across property lines.

  7. If you wish to hunt on property that is yours or that you have permission to hunt on, then those properties will have to be registered for the hunt.  You must supply a map of the property boundaries and written permission for you to use the property signed by the legal owner or lease holder.  You can get maps of registered farms and properties at the USDA offices on Center St. in Bonham.   If you enroll your own properties, then you may reserve the exclusive right to hunt those properties or you may make them available to be assigned to other participants.

  8. Due to concerns by county residents of trespass and poaching or illegal hunting, and to protect all Roundup participants from incorrect allegations of such activities, you will be given your choice of available properties to hunt on.  Once you choose a property, you will be assigned to that property and an authorization permit issued for you to keep with you and one to be displayed on the dash or mirror of your vehicle.  Permits will be matched to properties.  You may only hunt on your assigned property for the duration of the Roundup. 

  9. In addition to issuing permits , your license plate numbers will be recorded at the time of event registration and included on the permit.  If you switch vehicles, then you must record that with the even organizer. 

  10. All complaints regarding illegal hunting activities will be reported to the authorities.  If a complaint comes in but can be shown that the parties are on their authorized property, then that will be made known to the person making the complaint and no further action taken. 

  11. Multiple hunters may be assigned to a tract of land, depending on size.  All parties on a property will be informed of all other parties assigned to the property.  It is the responsibility of all parties on a property to coordinate their activities on each property to ensure safety.

  12. Only hogs can be caught or killed.  This is not a deer or varmint hunt.  You will be held financially and legally responsible for killing or catching anything that is not a hog, including making financial restitution to the property owner on which the unauthorized action took place.

  13. Any legal method of hunting is allowed.  It is up to you as to how you will hunt.  If you use dogs, then you must control your dogs and not allow them to cross property lines.  Trespassing will not be tolerated.  If you cannot control your dogs, then don’t bring them.  If there are complaints about your dogs off your assigned property, then you will be asked to remove your dogs from the hunt.

  14. No alcohol may be consumed while in the field.  No one may hunt while in an impaired state.  If you want to drink, stay at camp.  If you want to hunt, stay sober.

  15. No vehicles, on or off road are allowed on properties unless to set traps or retrieve a shot or caught hog.  If you do have to drive on a property, stay on any obvious roads or tracks.  If there are crops, drive around the edge of fields.  Use common courtesy regarding gates and fences.  Don't take down any fences.  If a gate is closed when you arrive, then close it when you leave.

  16. Killed hogs must be removed from the property where they are shot and returned to camp for an official weigh-in and then either prepared for processing and storage or disposal.  Carcasses will not be left on the properties.

  17. Only hogs that are caught or killed on registered properties will be eligible for the weigh-in and count towards any prize.  The point is, don't even think of hunting off of your assigned property.  This is for your safety and consideration of other property owners.

  18. Do not enter any structures, barns or buildings that may be on the properties.

  19. Hunters will leave properties in the condition they were in before the hunt.  Take out everything you bring in.  Haul out all trash and dispose of properly.

  20. Prizes will be awarded for the largest (by weight) of either a live or dead hog and for the most caught or killed.  These may be by individual or team.  Individuals must indicate which team they are on at the time of registration.  If a team wins a prize, then it is up to the team as to how they will split the prize.  Only one check will be issued to a team or individual.  A W-9 form with a valid tax ID of the recipient will be required in order for the prize money to be paid.

  21. For everyone's safety and enjoyment, event organizer retains the absolute right and authority to terminate anyone's participation in the Roundup for violation of these rules, conduct that is disruptive or dangerous to other participants, property owners or surrounding properties, violation of any laws regarding hunting or violation of hunting safety guidelines.

Rustic Camp Rules:

  1. No loaded firearms in the camp area.

  2. Fires are permitted, but only in well contained areas.  Deadwood is permitted to be collected.

  3. All trash will be picked up and disposed of properly off site.

  4. Respect other campers.  No loud music or other disturbances.

Announcements made the day of the hunt supersede all printed information.

Any participant that violates any of these rules or violates any laws of the state of Texas in regard to hunting or hunting safety guidelines will immediately be banned from the hunt, forfeit all fees and asked to leave immediately.  In addition, they will be subject to any legal actions or remedies that may result from such violation. 

There will be zero tolerance in regard to willful violation of hunter safety, property owner rights or the rules of this event.

Roundup Schedule:

4:00-7:00 PM - Friday 11/13: Registration at Smith Moore Williams Co., 223 N. Main, Bonham.

Friday evening: Camp setup or go to your other prearranged accomodations

Friday evening - Sunday noon: Hunt! Have fun!  Stay safe!  Respect Fannin County property owners or we may not do this next year.

Saturday evening 7:00 PM: Dinner at the Family Life Center

Sunday 2:00PM: Awards lunch at the Family Life Center.   A BBQ lunch will be served and the top awards given.  Door prize drawing will be held and Cabelas will be on hand to present the prizes which they will supply.

Hunting starts Friday and runs though Sunday evening.

If you have any questions, you may send email enquiries to or call 903/640-0888.   This event is organized by M. G. Michaud & Associates,  Real Estate brokerage and marketing services.  Get your next home with Solar equipment at discounts of up to 80%!!!!

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The Roundup is sponsored in part by Cabelas:

Benefiting Fannin County 4H and Fannin County Habitat for Humanity.

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